… Numbers

TASK: “Using your 20 number photographs PRINTED OUT, you will be primarily using these along with any of the work you have produced so far (……..self-portrait / mask / abstract / near middle far / letters projects and Contemporary Art collages).
Over this week, you will be exploring all things decorative but will then choose one of the following to explore and design more specifically…
Textiles /Surface Pattern / Ceramics/Jewellery / Fashion / Interior Design

“Using your NUMBER printouts as the main primary research, start to explore these and some aspects of your research work”

“Explore media and materials which are appropriate to your designs and be experimental with these”

“Choose your favourite design idea from Day 1.
You will be given a piece of lino and cutter and you will cut out this design and print it on to paper/newsprint/tissue paper (these may be pre-prepared with colour as appropriate) these prints will be integrated into your later designs in some way.
Continue experimenting”

So Eight is my favourite number, simple, fluid, eternal, loopy number eight! I wonder what I can do with it….
Going back to the ink work we did in the ‘near, mid, distant’ module, I’ve been experimenting with the central part of my number eight. Abstracting it and blending it through some of my sketches. To begin with I’ve brought with me the mono for a beautiful dramatic effect.
I’d forgotten how mush I don’t like this part! … my poor wrists!
A few basic prints and then onto some colour….

Wallpaper Designs while in isolation!

I didn’t really get on with the Lino printing expedition. I don’t think I can achieve the elegantly delegate and more flowing outcome I’d like to see for the wall paper.

I love the use of ink and the effects and bleeds of fluid art. I’m using alcohol ink and A1 sheets of Yupo paper for my designs with a blending solution of isopropyl 99%. I’ve then worked over it with black, gold and white – Posca Paint pens (using images from the drawings of the figure eight…. and the ink drawings of the leaves in my ‘near, distant’ work). I’ve then copied these huge pieces for an example of range.

Here are my favourite 3 outcomes on A1 sheets, as large wallpaperpossibly murals rather than a repeat pattern.

1. Vibrant

2. Muted

3. mono


… and here are a couple of failed attempts – although experimental pieces can still seem beautiful to me in their own right. Just not wall covering material in my opinion.

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