Homework … Numbers we can visualise in everyday life and natural composition.

Concertina Book

This little gem is a tad nonsensical but I think it has a bit of cutesy charm!


Thumbnails – planning my little story about Ami-LouiZ, who begins with an ‘A’ and ends with a ‘Zee’

I do feel up against it having to produce a page for each letter though.

Plus I’m after 3 to 6 words beginning with each letter per page – all the while trying to keep it in some sort of a ‘day in the life’ kinda flow!

Mock up progress

My concertina pages have been formed

I’ve made my pages a standard A5 size, after discussing with Penny, my tutor, just because for the finished article I will be scanning and printing onto a gloss paper. I can use A5 paper in the printer and this saves time cutting things to a ‘less standard’ size.

Although this book is written as if it is about one little girl, I’m using her name, ‘Ami-Louiz’, more as a collective noun for the photos I have illustrated with. Therefor the pictures are of different children and objects referred to in the book. It is not a fluent character but more of a collective.

Front cover
Back cover

This is my front and back board design for the book.

My little girl, Eden features in quite a few of the pages and here I have got her to lay on the floor in a couple of positions and taken photos of her, while stood on a chair. I have then super imposed them onto a black background, using an app on my phone (SuperImpose), added my lettering (TextArt) and printed it out on to gloss paper. The photos could have been of better quality but time was against me at this point.

Everything printed out ready to lay on to the pages of the concertina.

The pages are cut 5mm within the borders of the page for neatness, as I couldn’t print directly on to the concertina.

The front and back covers are cut 10mm larger for a tidy edge as I cant print directly onto the boards.


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