Wrong Side of Forty and Back to School! – A little about me.

I’m Rebekah Rose.

I’m a single mama. I have more or less grown my kids fully though!

My eleven year old girl, Eden, is obviously still at home trying to rule my life, but shes pretty self sufficient by now and with her in mind I’m able to do lots of my own things!

My life has panned out ok. I’m by no means privileged but happy in my own skin.
I consider myself blessed _ yes, i do really!

I’ve had a fairly dull but exceptionally full career of 20+ years in things like banking, government work and a good stint with the NHS Midyorks (NONE of which were my goals or aspirations!) This did however, fully support my favourite decision to become a single mum to the above mentioned children!

Ok I didn’t mention Brooke, my eldest. She’s 19, left home and thriving by the way!.

.. and I’m now self employed.

I’m a massage therapist. I work part time and i love it.

I love helping people feel better, helping people heal and rehabilitate physically from injury and strain.

I love my clients. They’re fab! I love their feedback and of course, their support.

Lock-down, however, hit me and my little business pretty damn hard – having to shut down completely for a couple of months, with no help at all from the government (I’d only been up and running 18 months)

I turned to my creative side, if only for my state of mind! boredom was setting in and my funds were dwindling!

As it turns out, even though I hadn’t picked up a brush or wielded a pencil for over 20 years, after my A Levels, i still find this old head-space wonderfully fantastical!

I began drawing pet portraits initially, then after a trip to Flamborough Caves, where I photographed and sketched my two girls (easily done, giving their beauty, i have to say!) – Using Facebook as a media platform, i began to work on at least one, sometimes three projects a week. People liked my work…. liked it enough to commission/ buy it!

So I’ve re-kindled my love of sketching again! Though I have to say – I actually NEVER want to draw another cat or dog again!!

From this I developed my curiosity and began to look into whether or not I could actually pick up where I left off …. and see what courses might be available to me.

When I came across the Foundation Art Course at York College, I knew it was for me and I’m about a month in now. I’m really enjoying the different mediums, the diversity, the amount of practical work – allowing me to experiment. In fact I would go as far to say it’s really beyond my expectations and I’m loving it!

The fast pace of the work frightened me a little at first… but I’m settling into it and it just makes it more exciting. Spending lots of time at home, between clients, in my little studio is fabulous! … aswell as college time of course.

I would like to aim for a degree in fine art…. I’ve recently thought about illustrating … my mind is a boggle!

To me, these are the best ideas I’ve had in years!

Here are a few pics of me and my life! The rest of this blog is dedicated to my course work I promise! ❤️