A Play on Words – Art & Language

Task – “create your own fake news headlines. Look at the news stories that you have collected. Using Tristan Tzara’s cut up technique, play around with them to create new news – creating a play on words”.


TASK 2 – “Make experimental plans and test pieces for an artwork that uses the text and can be held by your body in some way”

Create your piece in College using materials from College and home.

Vintage hat made taller so all of my “fake news” headline can fit on the front.
My initial idea was to just use any news paper in the mache…

… then I decided I could use my other headlines (black and white versions, allowing my “banger” to stand out, at the front, in full colour!)

“Create five different images/videos of your piece with YOU in the image”.

… not everyday you get to paint ya face gold and wear a bag for life! I embraced it illicitly (like the elephant!).

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