Task – “You are given the challenge of creating several small abstract compositions from around the College building and outside on the podium. You may work within a 10cm shape”.

I spent quite a few hours stationing myself around college in little odd and very random nooks

I used my viewfinder, as instructed and although my little bench isn’t the comfiest seat, quite enjoyed the situation.

I was solitary amongst many! I was enjoying myself! … I think!

“You will also create a larger abstract composition”.

I chose the close up drawing of th gravel/ stones outside in the grounds because I think I did a good job of capturing som depth.
Snappy colours added and we have the abstract element!

“You will then use this abstract composition to decorate an unusual surface – think household object.”

Photograph and record your object as though it were featured in an Art Magazine or Gallery post this on your blog along with 5 of your favourite abstract pieces.

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