Near, Mid, Socially Distant!

Tasks – “you will make a set of drawing tools using the materials that you have collected over the weekend. You are required to make at least six drawing tools that can create a variety of marks and qualities within your drawings.”

“Experiment with black ink and water to produce a range of different marks, textures, patterns and tones, from the lightest to the darkest tone with each individual tool.”

“Produce 6 monochrome, A5 studies of 1 particular place. Rotate round and using your handmade drawing tools create compositions which demonstrate the idea of near – mid – far. Make each one different in approach and use of tools. Use a range of tones made with dilute black ink and water and remember that you need a near object to suggest the mid and far zones of your drawing. The near object should be very close to you.

“Make one? VERTICAL long thin drawing that stretches downwards across two pages of your sketch book. Use your black ink, but also add one well-chosen colour in your drawing”.

Over the field and far away? I’m not one hundred percent happy with this. I’ve not quite got the perspective right and the trees look odd.

Create 2 x A2 drawings of 2 completely different views. Include some natural forms and some architectural forms. Use a range of tones made from dilute black ink. Remember the rules of Near Mid Far.”

Didn’t quite hit it on the head with the perspective but kinda like it’s quirk?
Grandad’s yard steps on a slightly brighter morning

“Make a large drawing of a different view which goes across two pages of your sketchbook opened out flat. Try to think about words or phrases that relate to your drawings or the landscape – perhaps your own thoughts, reflections or some poetry you might know. Include these in some of the drawing. How do these words integrate into it?”

The street I grew up in …. a combination of the words themselves, the man who said them and obviously the location, reminds me of my late father x

“Make a PANORAMIC drawing by extending the pages of your sketchbook. This drawing will be long, thin and horizontal but still needs to include near, mid and far elements, both architectural and natural. Use considered, careful colour.”

A little sepia wash added to the “near”. The fields have just been cut so the crop stubble gives me a new take on things.

I’ve really enjoyed painting this last one – I can see a “distance”….. I’m sure of it!

Because it was raining and blustery outside we were given the option to choose an interior view and use water colour rather than ink.
I’m happy with this as again, i enjoyed practice using the water co;lours and was still able to portray the feeling of near mid and further, sitting at my kitchen table!
Grandads garden steps…

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