Portmanteau Mask Task

Task –

“Whilst in college and during your two days working at home we want you to produce a mask based on elements of your self-portrait and a specific artist that you will be given.As art students, you should be constantly looking for different and individual ways of expressing your personalities and the world you see and experience. This exercise is to make you explore ideas in 2D and 3D materials and to create an individual mask which will reflect a personal representation of yourself and your given artist.Think outside the box, don’t go for the obvious or your first thought. Be inventive, original, quirky and experimental.”

My given artist was DAVID NASH – a British artist who sculpts from natural materials. I’m excited about this! I love using raw wood in m home and I’ve found inspiration i Nash’s work in the past. Randomly fab choice Penny….

The bark was collected from my local woods (I live in a beautiful village and I had actually spotted this gorgeous find, on a fallen tree, while I dog walking earlier in the week.

We had fun with the papia mache moulded face shape and then screwed the wood into place. All that was left to do was re-surface it with Acer leaves … i know, I know – they look like something else haha! a little gold leaf to add a bit of sparkle. I hope this reflection on me. love a bit of glamour I do!

Eden enjoyed the modelling!

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