BIG LETTER … little letter

I have been given an UPPERCASE letter, a lowercase letter and a colour. These are ‘Z’ and ‘n’and the colour named “Gingerbread Brick”

Who knew that this particular shade of brown would be such a bugger to recreate!

Initially I used a premixed brown acrylic paint and tried to work in some yellow tone. The brown I’d chosen was too much of a red base and just came up sludgey. I decided to start from scratch, mixed a green up then added a small amount of red and a teen bit of white, all the while being careful to try remember the “recipe”…. which proved difficult – so I’ve taken little snapshots of the amounts I added each time. I know – I’m a genius!!

I’ve chosen the words, overlay, crop, pattern and over write.

Now to play around in our sketchbooks with ideas to kind of communicate the given words. Working towards a huge peice for the wall at the end of today.

Had to use this though!

Loving the patterns. This is the one I’ll blow up today.

The finished PATTERN on the wall in the classroom 2m x 1.5m The Gingerbread Brick IS in there – the photo isn’t quite as true as it could be.

Now to go home, choose another of my experimental minis and repeat the last bit of the process…. but obviously with whatever resourses might be lurking in my studio! (appart from gigantic hairy October spiders atm!)

I’m picking on the word “Overlay” for this one and I’ve had a fab idea for it if I can get my hands on the materials!

This wallpaper will save a lot of photocopying for my background!

Ignoring the Harry Potter theme OBVIOUSLY 🙄
Work in progress…. I used the biggest sheet of card I could find at home (A2ish) then papered both sides with a 5” overlay – making it supersized!

Day 4 – at home
“Make five photographs or short videos of this piece of work next to things that start or contain either one of those letters. Blog the results” ….