Task 17th December Research week

You are required to collect lots of research on your chosen city which should include imagery, photographs, drawings ephemera fabrics etc.


You will then create at least 2 x A2 Moodboard/Concept/Inspiration board, which shows your theme and selects elements from the information you have gathered.


Hand painted images I could use in repeat patterns

Yes, it’s very FLORAL… but switching things up on the Mac and producing some really interesting repeats!

I think i’m a little off curve with the colour scheme here and even though i am enjoying the liberty of experimentation- I’m going to refer back to my mood boards and swim back into those beautiful pastels of parisian vintage!

My Wallpaper Designs

Hand painted repeat pattern wallpaper product (A2 size)

Product Ideas

To integrate my hand painted designs, repeat patterns and images/photos of paris (all of which have been edited by myself and some i have worked over useng paints and paint pens) – i’ve decided that the final product of my research and reflection of a parisian inspired task, shall be a large scale, saleable “Collage Kit” for a teenage girls bedroom.

Product and Market research

There are quite a few kits on the market – available on Ebay and Amazon etc. However mine will be iniquity in the fact that the images vary in size and, more importantly – will contain my own paintings.

Here are a couple of examples of the things i’ve spotted.

My Parisian Collage Kit

I’ve taken around fifty images and photos which include the hand painted pieces, photographically adjusted photos and drawn pictures .

Each image has been synchronised and tinted with my PARIS inspired colour scheme and blown up to A3 and A2 sizes. I have used both matt, silk and gloss finish – to ad depth and texture to the finished wall piece.

The item will be packaged to be “assembled” by this client. I love that this in turn gives the opportunity for someone to be creative in their own space – and that to a certain extent, each finished collage would be an original ensemble! There is vast flexibility in size choice and would cover a MINIMUM AREA of 6 square metres, depending obviously on how many images are used and how they are arranged. you may even choose to have two smaller collages!!

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