Stuff I’ve seen in the papers … mainly in my lifetime – some a little before.

Given a little homework task;

“Whilst not at College, you need to collect between 10- 15 news story headlines.
Make sure to bring those news story headlines in next week- if you’re able to have them printed out from a website or from a physical newspaper then that would”

So immediately I recall lots of things I’ve seen in the papers throughout my lifetime. Some I’ve been grown enough perhaps to remember happening, others my parents have spoken to me about and those stories have had an impact on me one way or another. Other clips I’ve chosen are regarding events, broadcasts and celebratory news from a while before my time but are obviously historically important aswell as being important to me. (I know they must be because they were on my brain as I was setting up the printer!)

So you see there’s no real theme to the selection of headlines I have chosen … hence the title “stuff I’ve seen in the papers”

…. and I know there are thousands of other events I’ve not recalled or paid homage to here. These are the ones that have stuck with me. I suppose the theme is an historic one.

Again I find myself looking forward to what we are going to be doing or how we are going to be using these cuttings in our project this week.

To be continued…?

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