Contemporary Art Practice, Dada, the Iconic Art Movement, Baldassari …. and my efforts!

Dada – Hmm, not so sure? …

Ridiculing “real” works of art.

Being cantankerous with politicians.

Completely absurd and VERY nonsensical!

The memory of staying up late and watching the likes of Monty Python, with my late father, are vivid.

It didn’t make sense at all, very confusing, considering “the life of Brian” was made when I was only three years old! I’m not surprised I couldn’t quite grasp it!

“How weird” I would have thought at the time – even though I didn’t know what weird was. Maybe this was it! Yes, this was weird!!

How very odd. I feel like that now as we are looking at all these works in class.

I like a bit of Monty now though. I like the films and I like the recall of my dad’s amused face – because, of course, – he got it!

It was funny! Completely nuts and profoundly silly… and silly IS funny!

Day 1. “Create as many collages as you can or want to. You could use your sketchbook or work outside of it”.

Initially, I found it difficult to work in this way and just found it too bizarre
There is a flow to it though. Even if only I can see it, I recon I’m a bit of a dada-ist!

Day 2. “All day –
Continue to create photomontage. Using your favourite pieces of collage we intend to create a large scale group mural”.

Here’s little piece I added to the wall.

Day 3+4.
“Make like a Conceptual Artist”
“John Baldassari was an influential conceptual artist who also taught at CalArts. Inspired by his class assignments from 1970. Choose 5 to complete at home.

A new way of thinking? Not for me thank you – but I’ve had a little trip to the Dada side!

To be continued…

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